February 18, 2005

In defense of my "Wooly Footed Beings of the Lower Class."


Great Scot!
How could you say such things!
I suppose that I am the only one left to defend the great land of Middle Earth. A truer description of the Hobbits would be:
"A rustic folk, not eloquent in their language or hobbies, with no need of shoes, for their feet were as furry as their curly heads..." Need I say more?
And now, with no disregard to the British Navy, description of Hornblower:
"He is an aspiring young sailor, who will do anything, no matter if it be right or wrong, just to get a promotion."
Now, understand me, I do like the Hornblower books and the movies, but the movies will never quite come up to the standards of Master & Commander.
I mean, how could it ...it doesn't have the cool music!

[The Queen interjects with haste, lest our Great Scot suffer undue anxiety over his headstrong offspring's high-spirited tendency toward rash proclamations. Gentle Readers must recognize this bit of hyperbole for what it is: daughter teasingly goading father, all in good fun. In fairness, it must be clarified that the distinguishing characteristic of Horatio Hornblower is his refusal to do anything wrong, whether it be for self-promotion or otherwise, and that is what makes him a classic hero figure. The Queen encourages The Shieldmaiden to venture further afield from Tolkein, and visit the realm of CS Forrester. The Queen will now resume more pressing Royal Duties.]


beatrice said...
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The Shieldmaiden said...

Ok, at least Hornblower pronounces his words, unlike the people in Master and Commander!
That deleted post that you see looming ominously overhead is actually mine. I hit a strange little button, and poof! It was gone!
And no, I didn't even try to quote the books on those descriptions.
I made them up, and jolly well I did a good job, I might add!

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

The DeputyHeadmistress is ashamed to confess that she likes the Hornblower movies better than the books, and better than Master and Commander. Yes, the music is better, but the actor playing Horatio reminds her of a Young Person the Headmistress used to babysit, and she likes to pretend he's so noble because of the influence she had on his young life.

The DeputyHeadmistress doesn't get out much, but a woman of her resources doesn't need to.*

*if you can spot that allusion, a virtual bag of chocolate candies back to you

fa-so-la-la said...

Arghhhh-- I can almost tell you what you're alluding to, but not quite. Do tell.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I was channeling Mrs. Elton from Emma