October 31, 2010

Texas-sized Respect

I have two things to say about this:

1) Every once in a while, the right thing happens.  And that makes me happy.

2) For as long as the Lord lends me breath, I hope he lets me live among Texans.  That makes me happy, too.

It also makes me really happy that my son and my husband were there to see it!


Cindy Marsch said...

Too bad--the video is now blocked for me (copyright, it says). :-(

Cindy Marsch said...


Saw it here -- tears! :-) When Abby was 11/12 she had a crush on GW and sent him a letter we didn't know about--and got back an autographed photo. :-) That was a decade ago.

Unknown said...

The little boys and I got all teary over this one and I am always so proud of GWB when he throws a strike.

Brandy Vencel said...

My husband and I watched that last night...priceless! We had swelling hearts, too. :)

Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

Lynn, I called all our family to the TV to watch this when it happened. It was -


What class.

What competence.

What grace.

And that your men were there - I'm so glad for you and them!

Praying for our country tonight, for God's mercy on us all, and for many more fathers-and-sons with class, competence, and grace.