April 11, 2010

oh, right.

Me, to the waitress at IHOP:
"Is the coffee in this carafe decaf?  Because it says decaf."

Waitress (referring to a previous waitress):
"Did she pour it?  Because if she didn't pour it, it isn't decaf."

Now why didn't I think of that?


Becca said...

You clearly don't know about the Decaf and Regular Waitresses. You have to request them at the front.

You're lucky you got the Decaf Carafe.

Cheryl said...

I had to read this several times. And I have laughed out loud, all by myself. And I still am not sure that I get it. But it's just too funny! Thanks for the chuckles! :-D

Keri said...

I miss you! You are my most kindred spirit that I've never met:) Come back with pictures!

Lok said...


There's a new purpose for the blog. Teaching Tuesdays. Some little ditty about homeschooling or homeschooling parents or how to teach something or something funny that The Boy did in school the past week. And you can post it on Tuesday! (or any other day of the week, because quite frankly, it's your blog, and no one can tell you what to do).

I'm totally serious about the motivational thingy. I have a great title for the whole thing.
"Real. Good. Advice." by LPB
Encouragement to get you up, in the car, and out of the garage!
(or How to Homeschool when the Want-To has gone and hidden in the closet).

I'll be your PR point person in Jackson. ::grin::