December 23, 2009

Look, Ma! We're famous! For... uhh, ham?

Well, folks, we Bruce ladies finally made the big time!  Yes, indeed, That Is Us featured in the lead article of the GuideLive section of the Dallas Morning News today.  Yes, yes, that photo of us there on page 6E is, in fact, A Photo Of Us.  In the Dallas Morning News.  And everything.

photo by John F. Rhodes/DMN

Oh my, yes, we are Mighty Impressed with ourselves today.  We must be Important People to be In The News. 

What?  Did you ask me something?  Oh, what magnificent thing did we do to rate a lead feature in a Pulitzer Prize-winning section of a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper? 

Well.  That is a very good question.


We chopped up some store-bought spiral ham.   

We're thinking we might aim for Food & Wine magazine next.  For shredding up some rotisserie chicken, maybe.

(I've written a little bit about Tina Danze, the very talented food writer who managed to tweeze something worthy of print out of our rather off-the-wall interview, over on my foodie blog, 350.)


Owl of the Desert said...

That's fantastic! Great article and terrific photo of some Beautiful ladies.

Merry Christmas, Beehive!

Anonymous said...

OK, now remind me....which one of you is the Mama? Ya'll look like 3 beautiful sisters! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Love,Buchanans

Dawn Camp said...

You are famous! And to think, I knew you waaaaaay back when... ;-)

Catherine said...

Well, Madam, never mind famous and all that, though clearly you are, and must do your best to avoid the paparazzi outside your door; but just check out that dainty tea-cup there! I think you Texans might be secret British tea-drinkers, what do you think?! Thanks for your comment on my blog - lovely to meet you; come by again soon! x x x