November 18, 2009

partying poets, take a bow!

The Beehive Poetry Ceilidh was quite festive! A big thank you to all of you who stepped up on the Beehive stage and shared a few verses. I feel quite well-regaled, don't you all?

More than half the poems posted for the Ceilidh were original works! Love it! I had hoped we'd get an original or two, but half? Really? You people are fantastic. And all your poems are, too.

And never fear, if you're still tinkering with tropes out there-- I'm already getting buzzed for Ceilidh II!

So some of you probably noticed that it's been over a week since I said I was going to post some poems. Well, I decided to keep the Ceilidh linky up top for a week so your poems could have center stage. Now then, I'm just itching to post a few, namely some Wendell Berry poems that I've been befriending this year. Up shortly.

Thanks again to all the partying poets out there! The Beehive has the best readers in all of blogdom, I'm just sure of it. Keep your anthologies open and your pencils humming!

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