October 3, 2009

pen zen

Ahhh. First post-it note performance art, and now this. Fountain pens! Graph paper! Sky blue ink in handsome glass bottles! My heart verily fluttereth.

This, too, is performance of an art, and one I wish to perform better. And you, too?

Well, Christmas is coming. And you'd really like a fountain pen, now wouldn't you?


seejenngo said...

What perfect timing! I just decided last night to give all cousins, nieces and nephews a disposable fountain pen and a Moleskine accordion book for Christmas. One day they'll make videos like this and they'll thank me.

Thank you for the beautiful link!


Bonnie said...

I would love to write like that.
I'm on the lookout for a fountain pen! That might help. Thanks for the wonderful post.


Mrs. H said...

Wow - I wish I could write beautiful words like that! It makes my heart happy just looking at it. Maybe someday I'll learn, but I wouldn't even know where to start. Any suggestions? Thanks for sharing the beautiful words ... and music!

Mrs. H