October 28, 2009

And the winner is...

Here we are at high noon. Justin is bandanna'd and all set to judge our Silly Contest.

But before he points the finger, I must say this... It fed my parched soul to see what beautiful songs you all are singing out there on ordinary days. Wow. Go read all the comments if you haven't already. The world is harsh, but you all are brilliant, sparkling points of beauty and light. Keep singing!

As you can see, the Beehive Big Chair Bunnies are terribly anticipatious. Apparently bunnies love silly contests. Who knew?

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Okay, here goes...

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Congratulations, Androphenese!

Which is fitting, as I happen to know Androphenese loves to sing. A lot. Everything from Bach to Brad Paisley, Buble to bluegrass. And when he gets to hymns, he invariably ropes everyone within earshot into joining him. Which, I'm sure we all here agree, is a Great and Noble Virtue.

And the Utterly Beautiful Prize of Historical Significance and Great Literary Merit is...

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Yes, Androphenese, your very own copy. In superb condition. Copyright 1923, published by the venerable Roycrofter craftsmen in their legendary artisan printshop in New York state.

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Beautiful. I hope you enjoy it!

And for the rest of you, hang on... this was so fun we will definitely do it again soon! (Justin wants to throw his own contest, also!)

Keep singing!


Kate said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I love that book!

Keri said...

Speaking of Singing...
I think you should re-run your Top Ten Desert Island Christmas Albums post since the season shall soon be upon us! I was so excited to find that post last year and ordered The Holly and The Ivy and I LOVED it. This year I can't decide! If you could only pick one of the following three:
-A Scottish Christmas
-Comfort and Joy: A Christmas Celtic Sojourn
-To Drive The Cold Winter Away
Which would it be?

Lynn Bruce said...

Keri, good idea! I will do that mid-November!

Of the three CDs you mentioned, I would say hands down, no question: Comfort & Joy. It's probably my favorite of all our Christmas CDs. So quirky and warm and real.

My next choice would be Yo Yo Ma's Songs of Joy & Peace. A true masterpiece.

After you decide and get it, let me know what you think! I am SO ready to get out our Christmas carol CDs.

Keri said...

Yay, thanks for your recommendation! I will report back once I get it!

great scot said...

Not to second guess my dear beloved, but ..... as a suprise to none, I would go with the Scottish Christmas.