April 29, 2009

What I did in April instead of Blogging.

I formed a serious addiction to these things.

I bought one little box at first, just because the little Ginger Dude is so fetching. I wanted to see him again. Like next time I opened my purse. I mean, look at him. You have to admit he's amazing. Cheery. Encouraging. And obviously that Ginger Chew he's gnawing on has launched his spirit into a state of Blissful Repose.

I wanted Blissful Repose. Oh yes. For me. That.

I kinda liked his snazzy purple pillow, too.

By noon next day the box was empty. My life was speckled with wrappers. I was definitely more blissful.

But I could not repose. Because the box was empty.

I ran back to World Market post haste to fetch backup supplies in case of a worldwide shortage. What if ginger farmers revolted? What if The Ginger People decide not to share?? What if California slid into the sea??? You just never know.

Shaking, I bought six boxes. I felt better. I blissfully wadded wrappers. I reposed. I forgot to blog.

Then, just as my stash was dwindling, I was at Whole Foods one afternoon and suddenly sensed that my little friend Ginger Dude was nearby. Oh Happy Day! There he was, way up on high! On Sale! Oh My! I winked conspiratorially at Ginger Dude, and he turned and waved to all his clones behind him, and in one Blissful Moment they all leaped together from the shelf into my basket.

The cashier said, blissfully, "Wow, groovy like. So... you, too?" See, she knows.

Oh, what fun we had, my Ginger Dude clones and I! Our only kerfuffle was that the regular flavor Dudes wanted to listen to Al Green on the way home, while the Spicy Apple Dudes wanted KC and the Sunshine Band. We compromised with Jack Johnson, and they all grooved to Better Together in my ecologically responsible organic cotton canvas grocery bags all the way home.

My pantry by now a veritable Ginger Dude hangout, I now begin to feel magnanimous as well as blissful. I now begin to share my Ginger Chews with others. Some feel the power. Others just say, "Thanks, hmm," and look at the birdies.

That's okay. Either way, I am Blissfully Reposed. Serene, yet Invigorated. It's all that ginger, see?

So if I forget to blog in May, think of me with a smile. I'm thinking of getting purple pillows and forming a society so we can all eat Ginger Chews anthropologically, that is to say, in large groups. Groovy like.



G.L.H. said...

Sounds wonderful! I pose no threat to your "stash," for, you see, I don't care for ginger. But Ginger Dude certainly is a cute little bugger. Enjoy!

Dani said...

I thought I was the only person who still used the word groovy. they look delightfully yummy, but also too expensive for our itty, bitty budget, so alas, I'd better not get addicted.

Kat said...

Some dear friends gave me a bag of "Gin-Gins" for Christmas (hard candy from The Ginger People), and I've been seriously loving them. I wonder where I could pick them up out here...

Jeanne said...

I want to try these - I l o v e ginger! I can even forgive you for neglecting your loyal friends - now that I know what you've neglected us for!!

I wonder if our local USA import shop could get them in for me?

Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

Made by the Reeds Ginger Ale people? (I did my research. Anything the Queen recommends is worth searching out :-) Sounds wonderful, and I shall no doubt soon be depleting the east coast supplies....

Much love to all the Beehive.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Pip and the Boy LOVE these things. I like them okay, but in a cerebral, non-addictive fashion. The Boy, however, could eat an entire box in a single sitting. Er, chewing.

Lynn Bruce said...

PEOPLE!!! I found a big stash of these at TJ Maxx yesterday! Cheap! (Yes, I confess, every last Ginger Dude there leaped into my cart the moment they recognized me.) RUN!

D-J -- no, they're made by The Ginger People. They make lots of gingery things and the Dude wears a different persona/get-up on every product. I think I love him.

DHM -- darling, you are more cerebral than I am about most everything, so this comes as no surprise.

Lok said...

This is so great..... lol..... I would have said "These are great. Go try them - they're yummy. Blah, blah, blah."
Your phraseology is sooooooo much better!

Pipsqueak said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I love those things! They're the best Gingery stuff out there! :)

rachel tsunami said...

I am remorseful that I didn't at least try one while you were here.

Katie Larissa said...

Can you ask Ginger Dude to share you with us? Maybe he could sit in your lap while you posted on your blog! :)

Laurie said...

This made me smile! I don't know you personally, but I find myself wishing I did. I can tell I like you just reading your Blog.

We haven't heard from you in a while, again... I hope all is well with you and your family.

brassawe said...

Are these little guys crunchy or chewy? Are they like. . .mmmmm. . .not to put too fine a point on it. . .ginger snaps?

Unfortunately, I am in a place that renders it impractical for me to try them.

I myself am an utter fool for the more staid Little Debbie, whose packaging is puritanical compared with this box, which makes decadence look innocent.

Laura Godwin said...

I've been meaning to comment on this post for some time now.
First and foremost, you are one of my favorite writers ever. I could read anything you write. You make everything sound....better.
Okay, now to the ginger - not a huge ginger fan but after reading this post I figured, oh, why not. I'll give them a try. So, I look at Whole Foods. Hummm...where are they? Then off to Trader Joes.... nope. Darn. I'm intrigued. I must find these little delicious mystery candies. Finally, my favorite, Natural Foods Warehouse in Atlanta, there they sit. The tiny green box with the cute little guy laughing at me knowing the minute I open one of the petite wrappings it's going to happen to me too. And it did. I'm hooked. My favorite! My new favorite, and guiltless (only 40 calories!) candy treat!
Thank you, my dear cousin, for this fabulous find. My mouth thanks you too.
Lots of love to you.

Nomos said...

Ginger makes the world go 'round...obviously ;-).