February 8, 2009

big cabbages for big wabbits

Oh, mercy, this picture just makes me happy.

I have no idea who this happy fellow is, but I like him lots. How can you be fully human and not have a big sappy soft spot for old gardeners who strut their stuff? I'm thinking if there's such a thing as righteous pride, surely gardeners who coax bodacious produce out of mere dirt could be justified in it. I mean, they're just doing what God told Adam to do, right? Take a look at that cabbage and tell me this old guy ain't taken him some dominion over some earth. Yeah, buddy.

If you can get past gawking at that cabbage (anyone else thinking of Little Shop of Horrors?), take a look at that face. Beautiful. Life is good. So is coleslaw.

And I'm thinking maybe that fellow should look up this fellow...

Yep, that could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



Rebekah Sacran said...

Wow! What a rabbit. I can't quit gwaking.

Tommy said...

what a great post! that would be really funny to see a giant rabbit eating a giant cabbage. and I'm thinking someone should introduce those two fellows.