January 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We just exchanged Christmas presents with my parents and my brother. No joke. Hey, we march to our own little drummer boy around here.

(And you thought we were oddballs about New Year's!)

And now we're listening to ice hit the roof and sipping Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. Amazing stuff, by the way. Truly tastes just like a sugar cookie!

Ho ho ho!



Beck's Bounty said...

Did you try the SUGAR PLUM tea that was put out this year by Celestial ? All of the cherubs voted it was their favorite, with Candycane Lane coming in second, followed by SugarCookie Sleigh Ride. So perhaps you can extend your holiday season a bit more so that there is time to try them all ?!?!

BTW - when hubby and I were on active duty (navy), MIL once left her tree up until the end of June, waiting for our holiday visit.

Grace & Peace,

Lynn Bruce said...

My kids have been getting boxes of Celestial's Sugar Plum Spice tea in their stockings for years -- they love the stuff! It's amazing how sweet it is without sugar.

This Sugar Cookie tea is so like a Sugar Cookie that it seems like you're cheating on your diet!

I want to try their Gingerbread tea now...

Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

And here I came to comment that our tree is still up! :-) (Make that two trees, why limit yourself to just one??) But I bow to Adventures in Beck's Bounty's mom. My kind of woman...,

And as the snow begins its soft descent here on a New Jersey night, I'll lift a bone china cup of Sugar Plum Fairy, in your honor!

(But the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea sounds just too, too wonderful...)