September 29, 2008

In other words, Happy Monday.

q. shenaynay

"It was going to be one of Rabbit's busy days. As soon as he woke up he felt important, as if everything depended on him. It was just the day for Organising Something, or for Writing a Notice Signed Rabbit, or for Seeing What Everybody Else Thought About It. It was a perfect morning for hurrying round to Pooh, and saying "Very well then, I'll tell Piglet," and then going to Piglet and saying "Pooh thinks ... but maybe I'd better see Owl first." It was a Captainish sort of day, when everybody said "Yes, Rabbit" and "No, Rabbit," and waited until he had told them."


Rebekah Sacran said...

You too!

Dani said...

You know Mondays are like that sometimes. It's the day that some of the sisters here go down and we clean up the church and have lunch. We organize and clean, then we talk about what everyone thinks about things. I very busy and important kind of day.