April 16, 2008


q. shenaynay
Let's say I were to suddenly appear from behind a gorsebush and say rather stuffily, "Ah! A mild spring zephyr!" How many of you would automatically think of Owl? Well, just so.
Because it was in fact a mild spring zephyr that just blew our front door wide open. Just like that. I mean, I was sitting here rather Owlishly minding my very own business, keeping my adrenaline very much under proper control, dontchaknow, when suddenly the wind just invited itself in. Just like that. Blew open the door with both proverbial and literal gusto, as well as a flourishy swoosh of tiny green leaves. Announced itself downright Tiggerishly, I must say.
And suddenly the atmosphere of the house was different, swirling as it was in fresh, green-smelling spring air. And tiny green leafy stuff that I will have to sweep up. Sometime. Maybe later. Because right now, I'm afraid I must do something about all this mild spring zephyrish air that is suddenly in my lungs.
Hum. Hum ditty dum. Now I don't want to do anything today. My head is full of fluff and it won't proceedcake any further than thoughts of a blanket and a book and a sandwich.
Whatever will I do about that?
"You never can tell with bees."
. ..
Hum for a Blustery Day
Hum dum dum ditty dum
Hum dum dum
Oh the wind is lashing lustily
And the trees are thrashing thrustily
And the leaves are rustling gustily
So it's rather safe to say
That it seems that it may turn out to be
It feels that it will undoubtedly
It looks like a rather blustery day, today
It sounds that it may turn out to be
Feels that it will undoubtedly
Looks like a rather blustery day today.
(okay, it was actually A.A. Milne.)


Dani said...

When we were small Daddy always read Winnie-the-Pooh to us. That and the Bible, because everything else was Mother's territory. I could still hear him reading that poem.

It's been a blustery sort of day here today too!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading this to Benjamin right now and we are both loving it! I am trying my best to keep all of the voices right...quite a challenge for me. Hope things are well for all of you...please go for a 1000...we love the beehive.
Carol B.