March 18, 2008

this week's milestone

Hear ye, hear ye:
Beatrice is, as of this very day, legal behind the wheel of a moving motor vehicle.

(Which is where she is right this minute. In the rain. In rush hour.)

::deep breath::

(Yes, that makes two drivers the Beehive has released out into the wilds in less than a year. Yes, we're glad that's over.)

Anyway... Congratulations, Beatrice! You made it through Great Scot's Gruesome School of Driving, and I am happy to have such a charming and amiable chauffeur at my beck and call. Oh, come now, surely you knew that's what getting your license was all about?


Lok said...

Go girl!!!

That is one feeling I still remember so vividly - that first time I got to drive in a car by myself with my license in hand. (And no, I'm not fessing up to how many years ago that was.)

Such a great feeling. Such a huge milestone! I'm excited for you!!!

Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

Oh. My.

Two. Too quickly.

What's funny is that as I think of my 'one driver,' I realize I never, ever think of it anymore. Odd how quickly we get used to it all. But to think of Number Two child 'behind the wheel'? Science fiction. I will NEVER live through that. And Number Three? No way.

:-) We mothers will live through it all, and rejoice together. God is good!

elliebird said...

i will refrain from making all the look-out-and-strap-your-child-
in-securely jokes that are so often thrown at us new drivers.

i will merely say, i'm praying.