December 25, 2007

jolly good stuff

q. shenaynay
It seems like every year on Christmas Day there's one particular gift that really hits the spot -- that one gadget/gizmo/game that everybody messes around with all afternoon. This year at the Beehive there are three that have been played with all day long by kids and grownups alike...

1. ColorKu
an irresistable 3D version of Sudoku played with gumball sized wooden marbles

2. The instantly and universally popular tabletop puppet theatre... we didn't know how many closet stand-up comedians we had in the family until this thing showed up this morning...

and 3. a really rockin' Air Hockey rig... this thing had my old college roommate whoopin' and hollerin' and behaving like... well, umm... my college roommate.

So... what hit the spot at your house?


Dani said...

Gary got Risk. So I have been playing at World Domination for the last three days!

Merry Christmas!

Rebekah Sacran said...

We got new tires. So.....

Mimigrace08 said...

Although I haven't actually read it yet,I got a book called, Old Fancies and New Friends, The Imaginary Sequel to the Novels of Jane Austen. It is a sequel to every single Jane Austen book! Now i just have to finish Mansfield Park before I can allow myself to read it!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Javamom said...

Cameras and some gear (but of course!)
musical instruments - another handmade mandolin (still in the works) and a banjo for Jonathan.
Football spring training for Jordan
A few foreign film DVD's

The puppet stage is very cute and useful!

Dawn said...

Lots of children and adults alike have loved the Wii (I still haven't tried it). You have to act out what you're doing instead of just pushing buttons; I've gotten such a kick out of watching Aunt Linda, etc. bowling. If Aunt Mayme had joined in, I would surely have gotten pictures.

Watching them run or play baseball on the games is hysterical. Chloe was so bad at baseball that she got up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT and practiced. Apparently she could hit the ball the next day. ;-)

I think our cutest presents are a Latitude Enfant knitted cat and rat (Felicity's and Lily's). Look at these things - they are so stinkin' cute!