November 21, 2007

homeschool blog awards -- we're in!

Woo and indeed hoo!

The nominations are in for the 2007 Homeschool Blog Awards! The Beehive is in the running again, this time in the Best Encourager category. (Quick, y'all! Somebody post something super encouraging!)

Thanks to everyone who nominated us! It's quite satisfying to think our little corner of blogdom has encouraged somebody out there.

Annnnd... (insert drumroll here) our very own Beatrice is nominated for Best Homeschool Teen Gal Blog for her lovely solo blog The Heart of Flame Therein. Way to go, Miss B!

Voting begins December 3rd! Virtual M&Ms to all who... oh, umm, that's probably against the rules or something, huh? ;-) But do join the fun and go check out all the nominated sites.


Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

And may both of your blogs win!!

Much Thanksgiving love to all at the Beehive.

Dawn said...

I totally did not realize that you had TWO blogs in the running! WOO HOO!