November 18, 2007

And on the subject of studying for government finals. . .


. . . you know you're in trouble when the computer solitaire game becomes constantly, irresistibly tempting.

Although, ya know, there's a lot to be said for solitaire. I mean, in solitaire, activist courts never expand the definition of civil rights. There are no corrupt lobbyists. No political parties. No Jacksonian populists. McCarthyism has never been heard of. The value of the dollar has no significance. The 439 amendments of the Texas Constitution aren't even an issue. You just stack those cards in neat piles until they start bouncing all over the screen to tell you you've won. This is, perhaps, the clincher. I ask you-- do cards bounce around after government finals to tell you you've won? They most certainly do not.

Yes, my friends, it's a beautiful world, that world of red nine on black ten.

And yes, it's the end of the semester. But surely you couldn't tell?

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