July 16, 2007

My Dad

Great Scot

Today, I finalized the probate of my Father's will and I have been out of sorts ever since. This reaction struck me as very odd indeed since my Father passed away 2 1/2 years ago.

I just realized what it is. I had taken care of my Dad's needs for so long, prior to his death, that, with the conclusion of this matter, there is nothing left that I can do for him. Logically, this should be met with a "Whew! Another thing off my list of things to do." But that is not how I am feeling. Bottom line, when you love someone, the things you do for them are not a burden, they are an honor, an act of love.

I hope that I remember that lesson when it is my turn to again lean on someone else.


rachel tsunami said...

a very meaningful insight, GS.

love changes everything...

Androphenese said...

quite frankly i got chill bumps when i read that. thank you, Scot.