November 7, 2006

and the correct answer is:


virtual apple pie with haagen dazs vanilla ice cream on top to:
rachel tsunami
light in the darkness
and nomos

ps. what a hippie beatrice is turning out to be, huh? i mean, quoting woodstock and all. dude. what a trip.


Gabius Monroeness said...

Ah.. I should enter the blog world more often (which I am by the way), if I had known the Queen was giving out APPLE pie... well, I would have been nuisance long before now.

elliebird said...


I love apple pie with haagen dazs vanilla ice cream on top!

HHomeboy said...

I have seen the very apples with which your pie shall be made. Mayhap I can help eat it?

LaceyP said...

YES! I get apple pie, ice cream AND my name in a post! woohoo! this is just too much! haha!

DrSmyth said...

i think i must have missed it. i would have said b anyway aunt!

rachel tsunami said...

i will share my slice with drsmyth. (just a bite, though)

and btw, i don't do virtual. so you owe me. ;-)