October 20, 2006

spuddy the superhero

And now for another episode of the diverting conversations of Spuddy Buddy and the Mamadah (me).

The scene is important here: picture me standing in the middle of (no kidding) more than a dozen loads of radically filthy laundry from the camping trip, wherein it rained non-stop for about 24 hours, rendering all that laundry damp, muddy and reeking of souring campfire smoke, not to mention that said piles mountains were making the living room and kitchen floor practically impassable, not to mention all the bins of food paraphenalia that needed washing and putting away, nor the muddy camper outside that we hadn't even begun to clean up, nor the fact that I hadn't washed my hair in three four okay, fine, almost five days. Alrighty then, got the picture?

Enter Spuddy:
"Mamadah, will you please make me a superhero cape real soon?"

Yes, son.

"Oh, cool! I want it red with orange inside, and the hood should be green. You're the best Mamadah ever! No, wait -- the whole thing green but with a red inside part. Can you make it tomorrow? Please?? Hey, I'm hungry. I want the cape to come down to here. Can you? Whoa, I'm really hungry! Wait, did I say that right? -- red on the outside and green on the inside. Got that? Can I have some food?"

Yes, son. Yes, son.

"You know what my superhero name is going to be?"

No, son.

"Exhausting Man!"


"And this is the sound I make right before I exhaust people!" (here he does a hypermega mondotronic superhero move that remotely resembles a prize fighter who's had too much Red Bull): "plaaaabthtrrrrrrrrgraaaaackerrraaaaaaaaa!!!!"

Yes, son.

(So somebody tell me why we can't have Laundry Man or Cleaning Man or even I'll Make My Own Snack Man? I ask you. Why can't they be superheroes? They sound like superheroes to me. And I would make them all the capes they wanted. Yes, I would. plaaaabthhtrrrrrrrgraaaaackerraaaaaa, indeed.)


gabbie said...

well, my superhero name is Babysitting Girl.

(just ask my mom and the loyal neighbor-friends.)

so.....do i get a cape?

elliebird said...

Know how that is...

::getting ready for company this evening; the little boys keep coming in:: "Mama! Can we rent a movie?" "Mama, what's for supper?" "Mama, my finger hurts!"


gonefishin said...

It's a bird, its a plane, no its muffin man. I'd like a cape that doubles as an apron.

Cal-el of Krypton said...

Sounds like Exhausting Man could quite soon meet his match.... more likely his demise.... Chore Assigner (doomsday music)!!!

Yep... it was quite soon after my battle with Chore Assigner that I learned to play by myself.

rachel tsunami said...

Fabulously Funny!!!

Do let us know the final color choices so we'll know how to identify Spuddy in a superhero crowd.