October 23, 2006

reciprocity and the snoopy dance

~all of us

hey, there. thanks for popping in.

now, we figure you're probably popping in for a little beehive fix because we update fairly often and, well, you sorta kinda like that in a blog.

we understand that sort of thing.

we probably come to your blog, too. and, like you, we sorta kinda like it when we hit that little button in our blog favorites folder and your blog comes up on the screen and whoopee happylujah yay yay yay you yes you have posted something new. instant gratification! bonus! yay! you're still out there, somewhere in the great big world, kicking and breathing! yaaaay. happy happy joy joy.

oh yes, some of you delightful creatures just make us do the happy blog dance. joy joy joy. oh how we like you. you are so cute.

::pauses to demonstrate the happy blog dance::
::which greatly resembles the snoopy dance::
::you know, like on peanuts::
::dance, dance, dance::

but some of you (fade in the woeful bad sad music here) leave us bereft... crestfallen... and forlorn. it's not that we don't love you, you understand... but love is not our subject.

to review:
updated blogs = good
outdated blogs =bad

yep. some of our nearest and dearest need to update their blogs. oh, yes, they do. you know who you are. so do we.



Blogger profile name said...

I just posted! Bloglines is a great way to keep track of your blogs and who has updated theirs. If they don't post for long, you can always delete your subscription to that blog. ;-) Mwahahahaha!

rachel tsunami said...

::wearing the fitting shoe::

btw, mommy dearest, i subbed to Bloglines one time, but i never figured out how to use it for what you describe. can you help?

Blogger profile name said...

You have a section labeled "my feeds", where you can choose "add" when you want to subscribe to a new blog (some people - I've got a button in my right sidebar - have a link on their blog that you can click to directly subscribe them). Otherwise, you just enter their blog address to subscribe. When you log into bloglines and pull up the "my feeds" list, the blogs with new posts will show up in bold letters with a number in parenthesis showing how many new posts have been added since the last time you checked. Bloglines also makes it easy to check your favorite blogs when you're away from home. Just log into your account and there they are!

MommyLydia said...

Yes ma'am.