August 18, 2006

Good work, Beautiful Mums.

The Beehive
wishes a
seriously hysteriously deliriously
Happy 19th Birthday to

Andrew Price Ludwig Big Jim Rhett Bumbler Promise4 Fechtie Heidsman Beauchamp

...a jolly good fellow if there ever was one.

We love you, big guy.


gabbie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Cal-el of Krypton said...

Happy Birthday bro!!

Laura Kathryn said...

Great picture! It's so Andrew being understated in a gold bowtie.
Happy Birthday Boyfriend! May you always have occasions to wear a gold bowtie.

Nardo said...

Happy birthday cuz!

rachel tsunami said...
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elliebird said...

Hmmm...I like the way y'all cropped that picture...just...kinda' struck me that it was cropped Very Nicely.

Happy Birthday, sweet my coz! So...19...hmm...pretty schweet...that means that you can now do...what?(Right here's the part where an old lady says quite cheesily, "Even though there's not anything extra special about the age 19, *you're* special and that makes up for it.) ; )Love you, bro. Call me sometime.

Lynn Bruce said...

so... let me get this straight, e... so are you saying that you like the way i cut his date out of the picture? is that it?

beatrice said...


LaceyP said...

top hat and gold bowtie...niiice! :)

Happy Birthday Drew!

"seriously hysteriously deliriously" would be difficult to say 5 times fast!

joe4444 said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Bald One, we'll have to get together to celebrate it this week.