July 14, 2006

What goes through my head while I'm trying to concentrate on something else

q. shenaynay

Funny how I think better right after I brush my teeth.

Unhappyish families should try keeping ice cream bars in the freezer for a while.

Oh, and watermelons. Watermelons help people visit. Visiting is good.

I dig those yummy free facials they give you when you buy stuff at Origins.

Girls should wear more pink dresses.

Garlic-stuffed olives are necessary for disease prevention and proper perspective.

I feel better when I sing. I feel way beyond better when I sing with my friends.

Sweet husbands deserve to drive sweet cars.

Ben & Jerry's Neopolitan Dynamite ice cream makes you prettier.

Black & white movies are good for you.

Wow, I like my family.

What goes through yours?


Lok said...

"Negotiating" with 2 year olds is best done Bugs Bunny style. It usually works, and is highly amusing for the parents.
(Hey Sis Lynne! It's Leah Kackley from Jackson!)

Lynn Bruce said...

Now, Leah, that's just weird. I had something in here about Bugs Bunny, but edited it out.

...twilight zone...

Deeapaulitan said...

Just before sitting down for our 'elevensies'...

Peanutbutter could easily have been "the nectar of the gods" if it were around when the gods supposedly were.

I bet King Kong would have been nice if someone had given him peanutbutter.

I wonder how come peanuts are called 'goobers'. I don't think they taste gooberish at all.

... what can I say, it was a nutty morning...

Cimmanim said...

my mind seems to wander when someone is talking to me...it always came back in the end...but the last time it did, it never did come back...

"whoever came up with the idea of panty-hose should be cloned, then killed, and then have all their clones killed..."

"i think that they SHOULD make Flipper have a nemesis named Zipper who tries to foil his efforts..."

"i wonder who came up with the idea of kissing..."

"did i remember to turn off the iron?"

"i wish my instant message buddy list would work...it hasn't worked since june..."

what can i say...i have a crazy brain....and yes all these thoughts came one after another...

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band said...

These thoughts happen when I play the piano.

"Man...I stink"

"It'd be great if there was another inch to my pinkey and thumb" (only when playing Rachmaninoff)

"Whoa...where'd that note come from?"

"If only dissonance sounded good all the time"

"Where's my spare brain, I know it is around here somewhere"