July 28, 2006

adrenaline is your friend

q. shenaynay

It's intriguing to me how we silly humans will give a task as much time as we have available to perform it... rather than how much time it should realistically require.

Case in point: The Shieldmaiden's packing procedure.

We travel a good bit, and both the girls are admirable packers at this point. Honestly, it's rather astonishing how many days they can live out of a single carry-on size suitcase and yet manage to look reasonably fetching.

But I digress ever-so-slightly. Back to my point.

The Shieldmaiden approaches packing very methodically. Two days prior to departure, she compiles lists in a notebook, planning each day's wardrobe to the detail. The day before, she gathers, launders, irons and mends. That night, she meticulously folds each piece, and then sorts them into stacks according to the day she anticipates wearing them, which she then arranges chronologically in her suitcase, which by this time looks as though it's headed for a Samsonite photo shoot. The suitcase is then placed in the car that night, ready for morning departure.

That's the usual progression.

However, today The Shieldmaiden decided on the spur of the moment to leave with her grandparents to go spend the weekend with them at their farm. At the moment this whim overtook her, la grandparents already had their car loaded, keys in hand, and were all poised to receive their departing hugs. To my utter shock, the dear girl threw method to the wind and had her suitcase packed in under ten minutes -- books, hair stuff, skin stuff, ipod, clothes, hats, sunscreen, you name it. Huh. Fa and I were pretty much awestruck.

Two days of effort compressed into ten minutes. Huh.

I wonder if she could fast-forward through Algebra like that this fall?


Lok said...

Music to my ears... OCD'ness with an on/off switch. (SO very Us Around Here). Shield, you're gonna love Algebra. It's so nice and clean and logical! (grin!)

Big P said...

congrats to s'maiden...she may have unlocked the packing conundrum. It always amazes me how much more the female must carry as to compared to the men who barely remember the clean underwear and socks...

rachel tsunami said...

I say Whoa Shieldmaiden!

But y'know---the lists, the method, the chronological and sequential packing....that all sounds like me at her age.

My theory: precisely because she has been methodical all these years, she is able to pull up those lists on her mental screen, compress, delete, rearrange, and accomodate automatically---robotically---in record time---because the elelments of the process are so familiar.

Viva la female brain!

LaceyP said...

I always try to pack like that...and it NEVER fails that I'll be looking for one certain thing in a hurry and will turn my back upside down to find it, and then the order's gone! Ah!

Isn't it amazing how excitement can make you do things in a hurry?! I know it does with me!

LaceyP said...

well that's an interesting thought, but I don't turn my back upside down, I turn my baG upside down...

Anonymous said...

The Shieldmaiden is my kind of woman. Love that girl!

Gracie said...

hoorah Claire! I usually do what you do..make lists days ahead of time and such..but we can cram when we need to, can't we?