February 25, 2006

Spuddy Love

Q. Shenaynay

A conversation with Spuddy Buddy, while snuggling by the fire on the sofa:

Me: I'm so glad you love me.

Spuddy: I'm so glad you love me.

Me: I'm so happy you're my boy.

Spuddy: I'm even happier that I'm your boy.

Me: You know what? I lived a very long time without knowing you. And all that time God was looking at me and smiling because only He knew the big secret.

Spuddy: Yeah! He knew me, and He knew He was sending me to you! (tickles my chin, kisses my nose)

Me: Yes, and I think He was probably chuckling inside a little all that time, like when you know you've got the very best present ever for someone you love very much, and you know it's going to be the most awesome surprise they'll ever get.

Spuddy: Yes... God decides who your children will be because He decides everything. And He decided to send me here (and here he gets all chuckly and lapses into his Cool Soul Man voice) so you all wouldn't be livin' like da Blevins! Woo! (scrunches his face) Three girls, no boys... imagine!

No, my Spuddy Buddy, I don't think I can imagine that anymore... ;-)

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elliebird said...

He's so adorable! (said with sisterly pride (the good kind. before we knew it was bad) Almost as cute as my brothers! :)