February 26, 2006

An Atheist In Love

It's awfully sweet of the Future
To be so indefinable, so postponable.
The best political move ever,
And so good for the economy!

By its very nature it grants us leave
For all the Spunk and Pluck
We care to indulge in-- how kind,
How thoughtful of it.

We're left here, cheeky, like a reader
On the first page of Middlemarch--
--The end is, after all, so many inches away!
Anything could happen! You'll see!

So thank you, dear Future! A thousand
Thousand thanks-- from politicians,
Sports fans, the self-employed, artists,
And unrequited lovers everywhere.


Nomos said...

Even though I do not understand it completely, I enjoyed reading this poem very much. Some poems (pick any of T.S. Elliot's), even though they are a bit mistifying, stand on their sound alone, and this - to me - was one of those poems.

rachel tsunami said...

Another good one, fa.

So you.