January 23, 2006

Oh My Word #4

:: a recurring Beehive feature in which we offer, purely for your verbaceous pleasure, words we like to say for no reason other than we just like to say them ::


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Virtual M&Ms to anyone who can pen some sort of diverting verbal trifle using all four of these stellar specimens of English etymology. Peanut M&Ms for a poem. Double portions for really bad haiku.

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If merely three prior rounds can constitute an archive, then here, for your amusement (or at least convenience), are links to the Oh My Word episodes past:

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and Da Bomb, a slight mutation on the theme, which we will reckon henceforth as
OMW #3


Lynn Bruce said...

My friend Katie has posted her truly fine poetic creation on her blog:


Here 'tis:


How could I refuse him
When he came in
He asked for Snickerdoodles
With his wheedling grin.

He had been working
He had a fee
He asked with adorable

(All of his labor
Had been for me
All he sought was

He asked for Snickerdoodles
Such a treat!
Cinnamon and sugar
Bodacious sweet!

How could I refuse him
When he came in
He asked for Snickerdoodles
With his wheedling grin.

I like it, Katie~!

DrSmyth said...
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DrSmyth said...

only on the beehive! ;)

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

"With bodacious pertinacity
and mendacious reciprocity
I offer this atrocity
a hideous monstrosity
a sham, a mediocrity
the flows with some velocity
from some obscure spot inside of me
I'm consumed with curiosity
Do you think the last word will be--
Oh! You made snickerdoodles? wbicfwey.*

(My mouth was full)

monolog said...

Old fashioned still is my bodacious cat.
She's up at dawn, at dusk she's on the mat.
No snickerdoodle will her taste allow,
But Nutricat supasses modern chow.

The soiled dog: her enemy defined.
A loathsome louse and imbicile combined.
Too fine and scented is her litter box;
I guess she views it quite unorthodox.

Our reciprocity is warm but yet
Progressive sentiments her thoughts reject.
And since she all her many lives has kept,
Her pertinacity I lief accept.

Reya said...

Hey. Its derrick. Im finally starting to post some. My blog is the M.E. in Me. www.dckitchens.blogspot.com. I am trying to get the word around. I hope to start posting a lot when i have time. Love you all.

Lynn Bruce said...

OK, I'll try it.

A Man's Heart

Pursuing reciprocity
of romantic pertinacity
she baits the ancient trap
with bodacious snickerdoodles.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Oooh, I like yours, Queen. Mine needs to be read with a driving rap beat in the background and some gangsta gestures prominently in the foreground.

polemic turtle said...

bodacious cracker,
so pertinacious thou art,
go snickerdoodle!

flouncing servant girls,
full of reciprocity,
have a five dollar bill..

Becca said...

because there are just enough syllables in all of these words.. i shall make a haiku.


Bodacious snickerdoodle!

by no means a good haiku, but it works.

fa-so-la-la said...

A Bit of Modern Poetry for you--

She sits in the grey kitchen
Strong feelings
Reciprocity absent.
Not even a snickerdoodle
Can calm the pain.
She eats another.
And in the stillness and pain
Words float in the void.
Pertinacity, she says.
It means nothing to her.
She takes another bite.

fa-so-la-la said...

Drat. I forgot bodacious. Just pretend it's the title. Bodacious Grey or something.

Lynn Bruce said...

Wow, people. This is an unusually diverting batch of poems!

Cool. Fun. Thanks!

Keep 'em coming.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Mine needs to be read with a driving rap beat

Hence the phrase 'mendacious reciprocity.'

Because the exchange wasn't really reciprocal, was it?

I mean, y'all give out such luscious, lovely, tongue tingling words, and I reciprocate with a little rap ditty.

Mendacious, that. Unfair, even.

Life is like that...