January 7, 2006

Dak Oo Dak

Q. Shenaynay

Spuddy Buddy's song (we've now posted his lyrics; do check it out) evoked a comment from a Beehive visitor yesterday about silly kid songs that become family classics. We fess up: yep, we do that. Always have. Completely goofy tunes that undoubtedly make some people think we are dismayfully loserish dweebs. But to us it just seems rather tiddley-pom-ey Pooh-ish and oddly fortifying. Tribal glue, so to speak.

First, there's the catchy hit tune Dak Oo Dak. The lyrics are a compilation of Spuddy's favorite gibberish phrases when he was a baby, and the girls could always make him all jivey and giggly by singing this to him. We actually have friends whose families picked this up from us way back when, and they still sing it at silly moments, as do we:

Dak Oo Dak
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Oh dak oo dak oo dak!
Oh dak oo dak oo dak!
Noo-ey noo-ey
Ay doo bwah!!
Oh dak oo dak oo dak!

Astonishing, I know. But it makes you feel happy to sing it, so who cares?

But our all time family anthem is a goofy ditty sung to the tune of The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine." Great Scot started singing this to FaSoLaLa when she was in diapers, and we still launch into it -- very LOUDLY and with gusto, like the fight song at a ballgame -- in those "rah rah rah we are all family!!!" sorts of moments. And at the beginning of road trips. We do a stupid little dance, too, if you must know.

Listen if you dare:
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Wow, I can't believe we just revealed that to the whole world. Dweebs, like I said.

Anyway, Great Scot and I had a Great Parenting Moment a while back when our daughters, now teenagers, heard the song Yellow Submarine for the first time. They apparently never knew that their sweet Daddy had not made up the tune just for them. They stopped dead in their tracks for a moment to listen, mouths gaping, in shock. Then they both cried out, "THAT'S JUST WRONG! That's OUR song! Turn it OFF, Daddy!"

Take that, McCartney.

And last but not least, there's the ardent love song my little niece made up, which we now sing whenever we pass a Taco Bell or a Wendy's. This one you'll just have to hear for yourself (interpreted for your listening pleasure by Fa):

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Okay, so please, someone else fess up to your goofy family songs. You don't want to leave us stranded here all exposed, looking like the only dweeby family in blogdom, do you?


Deeapaulitan said...

"Baby Tater" ends in the tradition of 'the three amigos' long, drawn-out over-extended note and then quickly (after a deep breath to replenish air supply) a "Duh-bump-bump" and an airy, whispered "Yah!"
Each of the kids has their own baby song, and then their are ones that we just groan at when Papa just takes off on some tangent!
They are each very dear to us though. Almost like the little stories of childhood that get told over, and over again! :)

coffeemamma said...

Each of our kids has "their" song, often stolen like Great Scot's. Our oldest has the misfortune of having a song with early '90's country overtones. The Boy's is a rendition of the "I Like Fudge" song from the show Arthur, Gracie's is a unique version of Baby Face (rhymes, since her name is _____- Grace), and Baby's is sung to the tune of Mellow Yellow.

Huh. I guess we're dweebs, too. Thanks for pointing out that we're dweebs. 'Cause I didn't know that we were dweebs. And now I do.

Pipsqueak said...

They never heard Yellow Submarine before? Whoah... ;-)

Mama Squirrel said...

We have some Squirreling songs too, but it's hard to describe them here because they're all plays on their first names. Mr. Fixit likes to work Crayons' name into just about any song that's going through his head at the time.

TexasMamsie said...

The family song that comes out at the most inappropriate moments is one that I made up when the youngest dear son made a mess in the "in the doorway bouncy thing". Unfortunately he had a really messy diaper leak and had been "toe painting" in it for awhile. I was unsure whether I should clean him up, attempt the floor (light beige of course), or cry! So instead I sang....

Its fun to be a mommy, Its fun to be a mommy, its fun to be a mommy and clean up poop!

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Our songs also tend to be plays on the children's names, so no sharing. It's actually an ancient Scottish tradition, you know. One of the oldest known lullabyes is a bit of 'mouth music' from the Hebrides. At least that's what the lady who did the Earth Mother Lullabyes tapes said.=)

Lynn Bruce said...

Oh, cute pic, W. Friendy.

Life is better in the South said...

I love the Yellow Submarine!!!!