November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Apology


The Beehive Faithful are undoubtedly wondering at this point why there has been absolutely no change at the Beehive in several days. And the answer is that we are on a rather extended trip, and it is against our Company Policy (you know, the policy of how to be good company) to hang out on the computer when you could be with the people around you. So if you are wondering why there is no Thanksgiving hullabaloo, rest assured that there is plenty, we just aren't posting it.

I would, however, like to share my new favorite phrase that I coined earlier this week: "Be that as it were..."

So have a jolly Thanksgiving!


Dawn ;) said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kinda catchy, your new phrase that is. I'll have to think on some more since I am partial to "Be that as it may..."

Have a blessed day and week!

LaceyP said...

You're not posting because you're HERE WITH US! I'm so excited that you get to spend some time here instead of just "passing through". Yay!

Unknown said...

Love the phrase..I will definitely have to bring it to the Alabama people....

It just could be infectious.

May I give you one that I love to death...(or to life which ever you choose)

Wicked Awesome

Use it wisely.......

LaceyP said...

who is it that says something like "wicked, sweet, tight, bad, awesome"?! I'm thinking Nathan, but I'm not for sure...but it's hilarious, nevertheless! :)