November 8, 2005

A Tale for Ludwig

The Shieldmaiden

Princess Butternut

met Tommy Handtossed at Squashblossom High.

She was sweet, and he was sharp, and they seemed a perfect couple.

He asked her over for pizza and a movie.

He came straight from his job, at Papa John's.

All was going well, until...

Screebees!!! A human hand hovered into the scene, attempting to steal their pizza. Take action, Tommy!

Hark! The doorbell! Who could it be?

Princess Butternut's former boyfriend,
Onion Bunyan!
She loved him once, but he made her cry.

"Will you go to the Squashblossom prom with me?" he asked.


Oh, dear, Tommy. That wasn't nice.

"Well, I guess I'm your only option now, Princess!"
"As you wish!" cried Butternut.

Such a lovely couple.

She was voted All Squash Favorite!

Mr. Briechamp took fotos at the prom. Such a cheesy chap.
(Say, where DID he get that camera?)

By the end of the prom, it was all over. Princess Butternut found Tommy's humor too cutting, his remarks too sharp. Though their relationship was over, they would forever treasure the memory of their magical evening together.

The End.


Androphenese said...

absolutely splendid! I could not have recieved a better gift to lighten my heart on this late november evening!

monolog said...

(I KNEW it would end sadly)

Laura Kathryn said...

Bravo! Excellent performance.

TheHeadGirl said...

your photographer-touch is a stroke of genius.

Nomos said...

I was held in the throes of suspense the whole time.

Anonymous said...

I love it! And the American Girl clothes are perfect.

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

Very funny.

Tommy said...

Miss Sheildmaiden,
I enjoyed the show: very creative. It's funny that you "borrowed" from my website in using the name "Tommy Handtossed." I'm honored.
My favorite picture is the picture of Princess Butternut talking to Onion Bunyan. That's just a really cool picture.
However, I am forced to ask this rude question: what is your real name? Who are you? You have not left behind the bread crums necessary for me to find out who you are. Your picture isn't clear, and I haven't found your real name...anywhere.
You're not the only person that leaves comments on my blog that causes me to ask, "Who's this?" If others read this comment, please start leaving your name or initials to help me in knowing who you are when leaving comments on my website. Thanks and ta ta.
- ta ta Tommy

Owl of the Desert said...

I think my favorite line was, "She loved him once, but he made her cry."

Well written, well-photographed, well done!

LaceyP said...

Very creative...I agree with owl of the desert...that was my favorite part too! :)

rachel tsunami said...

You have a real spark of creative fire, s-maiden. Brilliantly done! I couldn't stop laughing.

Love the tissue at her nose in the last picture.

Unknown said...

Can i just say......HILARIOUS!
I think it should be a series.
I just feel so bad for Onion Bunyan. I mean...can he help the way he looks.(or smells) But the bow tie I think is what did it for the prom.

Good one shieldmaden.....good one.

tootlepip said...

Very Creative! I especially liked the description of Tommy's humor in the end.

Life is better in the South said... sure do have a lot of time on your hands......JUST KIDDING!!!! THAT'S SOOOOO FUNNY!!! Was that your hand or Caitlyn's on the pizza? Well Happy Thanksgiving!

Tim said...

Very creative and well executed. And funny!