November 25, 2005

Oh My Word #2

:: a recurring Beehive feature in which we offer, purely for your verbaceous pleasure, words we like to say for no reason except that we just like to say them ::





Virtual M&Ms to anyone who constructs a viable sentence using all four of these bodaciously delicious bits of verbage. Double M&Ms for a haiku.


polemic turtle said...

Rain splattered at a mild rate outdoors, just outside the door of what I like to call my "economic coffin". It was usually raining here, which would have under normal circumstances produced at least one paying case for a private detective like myself, but I found that it merely served to strengthen the fungiform growing on the outside of the window sill, the window of which was freshly broken in a tale which I have not the wind prerequisite to the telling thereof. I was the only renter which received the ignominious plant, a plain sign for all to see of the landlord's discontent with my rather... erratic rent payments as of late. I was in a real fix; how could I attract paying customers with something like that on the sill to the left of my door? I've received far more inquiries as to whether or not I sold organic health foods lately than legitimate cases..

Today it seemed to me that fate would leave at nothing short of my utter ruin, whatwith all of these discombobulating influences surrounding my chosen method of bankruptcy, private investigation. I said a prayer then, just asking for one favour from the Almighty: Would He please drop the rain to a mizzle? Those mushrooms were growing at an alarming rate with all of the continual darkness, excessive amounts of rain, and me being under strict orders not to remove the banner of discontent, which seemed to me the only natural thing to do with a plant so disgusting..

polemic turtle said...

By the way, did I use the words correctly? :-)

*I only seek your approval*

Mama Squirrel said...

I was not at all discombobulated by the ignominious fungiform shape that loomed out of the darkness; but I was a little weary of the constant mizzle. (Have you ever read The Voice in the Night?)

No Haiku, though.

polemic turtle said...

By William Hope Hodgson? If so, yes, I have. What a strange tale...

Mama Squirrel said...

All of us who've ever had a fungiform bad hair day will sympathize with Mrs. Ingram.

Mama Squirrel said...

BTW, Beehive folks, don't the scrambled words that you have to type in sometimes make lovely word possibilities on their own? The one for that last post was "bdzzt." Now to come up with a definition for a bdzzt.

OK, I guess it just depends on whether you've had your coffee yet or not.

polemic turtle said...

bdzzt = "I see a flock of geese no-one else can see."

Larry said...

Poem 2 - the Mushrooms search for Meaning
Near some drizzle, mizzle, and dearth,

Lived fungiformed Sporadicus the Firth*,

Who asked, "Where is my myrth?
My discombobulated search
keeps revealing my ignominious birth."

* Firth - Somewhere between the Fourth and Fifth... phase of mitosis.

polemic turtle said...

Sounds like a poem to me! :-)

Neatly done, or so I think.

Mama Squirrel said...

Yeah, I think you win! (Oops, wait a minute, this isn't my blog.)

DrSmyth said...

cruel debeaking!