October 7, 2005

What was all that about mists and mellow fruitfulness?


Maybe that's what Keats thought fall was about. But I prefer the following (you knew I wasn't going to agree with Keats!):

  • Reading poetry or Lord of the Rings by firelight-- especially outside! Ring-wraiths take on new dimensions by an outside fire.
  • Sitting and thinking.
  • Watching Persuasion-- perfect.
  • Cooking Macaroni and Cheese- and I don't mean the stuff in the box. The real kind.
  • Staying up really, really late (on weekends only, of course!) and writing.
  • Sitting outside until I shiver, just because shivering is glorious after a long summer.
  • Doing something industrious. Cold air is very conducive to busy-ness.
  • Listening to Nickel Creek (I know, it's always a good time to do that, but it sounds especially good in fall somehow).
  • Drinking pots and pots of tea-- blackcurrant tea is amazing stuff! I'm seriously addicted...
  • Reading something really and truly melodramatic. It's the only time of year when I'm in a suitable enough mood that I don't turn into the old muppet in the corner.

Tonight I did the first thing-- I sat outside after dark by our chiminea (New Mexican fireplace thingy) and read Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Which was an experience, although by no means my favorite poem. You see, if you read that sort of poetry by firelight, you can imagine you live in that time and then it is ever-so-much-better than if you had read it under a lightbulb. Besides, any poetry is just best that way.

Next up, Macaroni and Cheese. Oh, yes, yes, yessidy yes....


Lynn Bruce said...

You would get in the mood to make that atomic macaroni right when I discover that my fall clothes are tight, after a whole summer of road-trip food and no pilates...

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

But where I live fall is accompanied by misty, foggy mornings. It's lovely to watch it rise from the creek and then drift across the cornfields and meadows- and mellowly fruitful apple trees.:P

And HOW I agree with you that it is glorious to shiver after the summer. I love being cold this time of year. I find chills an absolutely delicious feeling.

TheHeadGirl said...

Mmm. I love fall...and your post was perfect for it.

We watched Sense & Sensibility a few nights ago and agreed afterwards that Persuasion is next on the agenda. It is the perfect fall movie, and book!

Life is better in the South said...

Geoff and I are looking at firepits for our deck. Maybe I'll work on your list some, too. Simple pleasures are the best.