September 20, 2005

Sean Watkins agrees with me.

An interesting quote from Sean of Nickel Creek--

"On that subject... I'm so sick of sugar-coated songs from the Christian perspective. One of the most comforting and inspiring lines to me is from the last chorus of Come Thou Fount where it says "prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love." Not many unwatered down songs make it through the filter of the Christian music industry mafia these days."



Larry said...

Wow-eee wow wow! I'm truly impressed with this blog! Grateful to have stumbled upon this gem amidst a sea of bloggerts. My readership is not the largest but you're most certainly getting a link on my site! Thanks for spreading the sunshine! God bless,

Anonymous said...

Amen to what Mr. Sean had to say regarding "sugar-coated" Christian songs out there today. I take our hymn books for granted until I start listening to CCM on the radio.