August 10, 2005


Which, for the uninformed, unenlightened, and behind-the-times amongst us, stands for Why Should The Fire Die?, the latest album from Nickel Creek.

Yesterday, August 9th, 2005, was an auspicious occasion-- the release of the first Nickel Creek album in 2 or 3 years. I pride myself on being the first to buy it at our local Barnes & Noble.

(No, I am not such a fanatic that I went to B&N just to buy the album. We just so happened to be there on the release date! Honest!)

Now, I am not going to blog my opinions about it today. I have only listened to it three times, and so I am not ready to give my opinion. After all, I have not had a chance to form a relationship with it, which sounds frightfully stupid but is really the truth. You have to become aquainted with an album, so to speak, before you can judge it.

In the meantime, here is some WSTFD stuff for you--

Amazon reviews here.

Another review here at Shed of Emotions.

Music video for "When in Rome"

Interview with Chris Thile.

Nickel Creek Journal Page



X said...

It is infecting everyone!

Leslie Noelani Laurio said...

Am I one of the last people to have heard of Nickel Creek? I was just reading a fan review of a Jackson Browne concert in Boulder, CO and apparently two members of Nickel Creek were there and performed some songs with him. And that's when I remembered that I'd read about Nickel Creek here.