April 24, 2005

Schaefferian Spaghetti

Queen Shenaynay

This is what happens when Fa-So-La-La reads Frances Schaeffer and then eats pasta:

"Spaghetti is the totality of the cause and effect relationship of the sauce and the noodles."

I just love that girl. Never a dull moment in her mental universe, lemme tell ya.

Oh, since inquiring minds will want to know, the actual Schaeffer quote is:
"History is the totality of the cause and effect relationship of the seen and the unseen."

Chew on that awhile.


Thermodude said...

My brain hurts just thinking about trying to chew on that.

beatrice said...

It is a little hard to swallow...sorry, I just couldn't resist that.
WHEN are you going to get an email address??? PLEASE do, because all Darkside ever e-mails me about is: (and I quote) "Wow. You write really long emails. I don't think stripey-boy will get an
address. (oh, and what is THAT about, youngster?...oh, yeah, you're older than me...oh well!) Well I got to go. I
will try and finish my emails later. Say Hi to all.
so PLEASE get an E-mail address!!!
PLEASE!!!! Did Darkside ever show you your blog invitation? If he did not, tell him that he is about to face the wrath of the Shieldmaiden!
I hope to hear from you soon!

Thermodude said...

Hi. He didin't show me my invitation. I'll get one like darkside. promise. did ya'll get my letter? See you later.

No-one said...

So how is the spaghetti a relationship of thesauce and the noodles? Please not blame me, I never got an invitation.