March 31, 2005

Love Among the Stars

Queen Shenaynay... aka Mamadah

When Spuddy Buddy was a toddler, reading I Love You This Much together was always quite an event for the two of us. Nutbrown Hare and his son inspired a tradition between us where I would say something like "I love you all around the rings of Saturn" and he would try to top me with something like "Well, Mamadah, I love you all around the Universe!" (Who knew you could use love to teach astronomy?)

That led to another top secret exchange we still repeat to each other often:

Me: I love you!
Him: I love you more!
Me: I love you most!
Him: I love you more than most!

So it happens that last night, after reading many bedtime stories, we turned off the light and said prayers... and somewhere in there I drifted off to sleep in his bed. And in the wee hours past midnight, I was awakened by him laughing in his sleep -- deep chuckly belly laughs -- something he has often done in his sleep ever since he was an infant (and a blessed delight to witness). Then, a minute or so later, he said something magical in his sleep. It was a poem, really. Try to hear this in the slow and dreamy voice of a five year old boy, almost sung, almost whispered:

I love my Mamadah
Through every part of night
Through every part of dreams
To every part of the moon
And all around the stars.

Then he rolled over and instantly resumed the deep, measured breaths of little boy slumber.

I'm so glad I was there to hear it. I think an angel must have tickled him in his sleep so his jolly little laugh would wake me up just in time to hear the love poem of my life. I hope I can still recite it when I'm a little old lady.


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet!

Internet Street Philosopher said...

Cool! More homeschoolers! I was homeschooled from the 2nd grade to the 12th grade, and am now in college. God bless and keep on rocking on!!!

X said...

He said that in his sleep? Thats to cool for you I think. Tell Spuddy Buddy that wool is cool but it is not supposed to ryhme with Kole.

ithchick said...

your story made me think of a poem

The Meeting:
As I went up and he came down, my little six-year boy,
Upon the stairs we met and kissed, I and my tender Joy.
O fond and true, as lovers do, we kissed and clasped and parted;
And I went up and he went down, refreshed and happy hearted.

What need was there for any words, his face against my face?
And in the silence heart to heart spoke for a little space
Of tender things and thoughts on wings and secrets none discovers;
And I went up and he went down, a pair of happy lovers.

His clinging arms about my neck, what need was there for words?
O little heart that beat so fast like any fluttering bird's!
'I love,' his silence said, 'I love,' my silence answered duly;
And I went up and he went down comforted wonderfully.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I need to keep a box of kleenex next to the computer when reading your blog.