September 22, 2009

The real threat? Not quite, but you're getting warmer.

"Most people who are secular humanists have the idea that they are doing fine.  (That) we are doing fine and our only enemy is the Bible-based far right. The reason why the real threat is the far right is that they have the Bible. And the Bible is a masterpiece. The Bible is one of the greatest works produced in the world. The people who all they have is the Bible actually are set up for life. Not only do they have a spiritual vision given to them but artistic fulfillment. They don’t even recognize just the pleasure of dealing with this epic poetry and drama. Everything is in the Bible. What does the left have? The left has a lot of attitude."

-- excerpt from an interview with Camille Paglia, the author, atheist, social critic, feminist, and professor of humanities and media

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