March 4, 2009

spud shares a poem

...which he would like you to read aloud, seeing as how it is meant to be heard, and seeing as how this one is particularly hummish when heard aloud. We recommend a sort of sleepy, drowsy interpretation, taking your sweet time, because Milne was a sonic genius and we think you'll agree when you read this aloud in a slow, sleepy, drowsy voice. But you do what you like.

Water Lilies
by A. A. Milne

Where the water-lilies go
To and fro,
Rocking in the ripples of the water,
Lazy on a leaf lies the Lake King's daughter,
And the faint winds shake her.
Who will come and take her?
I will! I will!
Keep still! Keep still!
Sleeping on a leaf lies the Lake King's daughter. . .
Then the wind comes skipping
To the lilies on the water;
And the kind winds wake her.
Now who will take her?
With a laugh she is slipping
Through the lilies on the water.
Wait! Wait!
Too late, too late!
Only the water-lilies go
To and fro,
Dipping, dipping,
To the ripples of the water.



Kat said...

Love Milne!

Dani said...

Spuddy Buddy has great taste!

Javamom said...

Ooo, I like this a lot! Thanks for sharing it, Spuddy Buddy :)