March 12, 2008

dinner conversation

q. shenaynay

Beatrice (who is always concerned with accuracy in princess stories):
In the old fairy tale version of Snow White, it's not the prince's kiss that saves her. She appears dead because she has a bit of apple lodged in her throat, and so the prince puts her in that glass coffin and carts her back to his castle (which I always found vaguely disturbing). The road is bumpy along the way, causing the apple to dislodge, and that is what saves her. Just this once, I actually prefer the Disney version.

Spuddy (who is always concerned with food):
Huh. That means the prince who kissed her got the apple.




Dani said...

hahaha, I agree with Beatrice on this one.

JCrew Mama said...

Jason and I both got a big laugh out of this one. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

What type of apple? :-D And why did it have to be an apple? Couldn't it have been a peach, for instance? ;-P

Becca said...

so, if the prince got the apple wouldn't that poison him causing snow white to kiss him/remove said apple to save him...

this could become a very vicious circle.