December 7, 2007

Happy Birthday, Beatrice: The Sequel

Beatrice is 16!

Here's to the girl
with that rare, uncanny knack
for being predictable in all the things
that make life gracious and comforting and dependable...

...and yet unpredictable
in all the ways that make it
sing and buzz and sparkle.

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Here's to the girl who's the
in a bottled tap water world.

What we're saying is...
you're beautiful inside and out
and we love you so much.

For history buffs, here's Beatrice at 15 and Beatrice at 14.


Javamom said...

Many Happy Birthdays to you, Beatrice! May this, your 16th year be grand!

Sending a virtual venti-peppermint-mocha-extra-hottt-with-double-whipped-
your way (it's my fav. drink, too...though more often than not I get no-whip...Ky says that's gross ;-).

I'd send you the real thing, but my resident baristas said to dear mumsy that they cannot purchase any peppermint syrup for me at the moment, as their store stock is too low and they will not part with said peppermint syrup :-(.

I'll think of something...

¡Feliz CumpleaƱos!

Javamom, who just noticed the most interesting word verification I've seen in a while..."tabfup!"

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

Happy Birthday, Beatrice! And may I say you look fabulous? Brains and beauty - what luck you have!

JCrew Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Bea-utiful! Love you bunches and bunches! ~Jamie for all of us.

Kate said...

I love your carlos imitation picture. "Money, money, money! The Frankenstein monster that destroys men's souls!" You, however, are much more attractive. I bet you could do a mean gorilla too, though. :)

Dawn said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!!

Thermodude said...

Happy B-day! You look great!