February 19, 2007



I'm just finishing up my college application essay, in which I am to explain to the Admissions folks how fabulous I am. Now I'm working on what to call it. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at giving titles to things (hence the inauspicious one atop this post), so I wanted to ask all you Insightful and Circumspect types for your opinions. Here's my list of suggestions-- tell me which one you think most apt to get me accepted.

Thank you!



All I'm Askin' Is For A Little Respect

I've Been Writing This Stupid Thing For A Week and Meanwhile Anna Nicole Died and Britney Shaved Her Head

An Essay, Wherein I Brag. But Only because You Require it.

And I Won't Litter Your Campus, Either

Look At Me. I'm Hot.

An Essay, By Caitlin. Caitlin Wrote It.

An Essay, Wherein I Introduce myself Properly and Hope you like me.

I Missed The Grammys To Write This Thing

I Would Have To Say World Peace

Oh, And I Have A Cute Boyfriend

An Essay, Wherein I Confine my Fascinating and Expansive Self to a few Well-Appointed Paragraphs


rachel tsunami said...

okay. this should be fun.

Nardo said...

Ah. I remember application essays. I must admit, it always felt a little weird to brag on myself. Goes against my upbringing and my shy retiring nature. ;)

Blogger profile name said...

I think those are all wonderful titles, and any one of them should help obtain the desired result!

Dani said...

You know, I don't title things either, so mine stood out because I DIDN'T title it. I vote for the last one, because it is intellegent and funny. :) best of luck (or may the Lord make your applications, essays and the whole deal fruitful)

Karen G. said...

Who says the title has to have any connection whatsoever to the content. Try something like "Fresh Sprouts" or "To Infinity and Beyond" or "Ripples on the Lake."

Of course, I must mention that I am notoriously bad at titles, and you should probably take that into consideration.

Anonymous said...

I like the 3rd one...


Owl of the Desert said...

Yeah, definitely #3. Maybe change "stupid thing" to something like "fascinating discourse". If I was an admissions, umm, person(?), I would definitely let you in with a title like that. It says you are witty, creative, and keep up with world events. :-)

Setiago said...

From the top, I like the 3rd and last ones best.

MommyLydia said...

I like the last one best. Though I always hated the titles too.

van Danne said...

well i like number 6.