February 16, 2007

A Sketch in Purple Crayon, with thanks to Harold

I had a long talk with you the other day.
Oh, I know—you don’t remember it.
That’s because it happened in purple crayon.
No, it’s alright. All our best conversations
Are like that. I’m used to it.

I drew us a nice sofa, and two glasses of tea.
I drew you there beside me, I drew
A beautiful friendship
I wrote down all your words in speech bubbles;
But all I had was this purple crayon,
So I’m afraid it’s a bit discoloured--
No matter. One gets used to purple after a while.

*note: this poem was written a longish while ago, but never posted and more or less forgotten. I just ran across it the other day.


Cimmanim said...

fa! i love that poem! it's beautiful in a very odd way.

Lynn Bruce said...