November 22, 2006

random thoughts of gratitude

q. shenaynay

I'm thankful for thumbs, Henry Ford's imagination, thunder, those Sri Lankan kurundu trees that grow cinnamon bark, arms around me.

old minor hymns, reassurance, friends who stay, privacy in the shower.

the printing press, healing, Benjamin Franklin's kite, the book of Isaiah, tea leaves, seasons.

having a real, true home in the church.

the miracle of water that can boil, freeze, fill human cells, ripple, trickle and crash, steam, make creation bloom, obey God's voice, make things clean, form vapor, steam and snowflakes, make earth inhabitable, and wave for the moon.

never feeling unloved.

the eternal kinship of fellow believers.

the 8 note scale, Alexander Graham Bell, vocal chords, the postal service, stars on the water, gasping at the sky.

the sound of Sunday in my heart.

kissing, soap, charity, babies, Philippians, moments of joy, the sensation of creative flow.

kinfolk, passion, the gospel, friends who make time for real conversation.

photographs, wood, David the shepherd boy, truckers, toothbrushes, brothers.


expressed appreciation.

stone fruits, giggling children, ticklishness, cotton plants, satisfaction.

fire, eyelids, goosedown, letters in the mail, sleep, sheep's wool, oceans.

that he fell in love with me.

the Spirit testifying to my spirit.

pillows, blankets, prayer, feeling at home, the resurrection, fruit-bearing vines, pasta.

the shimmering buzz of live music. most especially when created by people I love.

vision, poems, forgiveness, knees, garlic, Handel.

stringed instruments, cookies, candles, the people God sends to my table.

my children. oh my, yes.

my mother laughing, modest girls and boys who respect them.

that God thought flowers were necessary.

that God thought of any of it, and all of it. and that He thinks of me.


Blogger profile name said...

That's an awful lot to be thankful for - I like it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like your list, yes I do!

Kathy said...

Beautiful. Much more than a list, I think. This is so poetic - just beautiful.

Unknown said...

Very nice Queen. I agree with probably all of it. Of course I can't agree with things like "my children" because I don't have any but...i agree with mostly all of it. And I also like your new picture..very nice. Happy Thanksgiving

Katie said...

Well put! I love the stream of consciousness thing.

Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

for a certain summer evening spent around a cloth-covered table, laden with Lebanese delicacies and hand-held grace...where conversation and laughter brought e-mail posts to life.

Just had to mention that when I read your wonderful list :-)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is: Amen.

Although I don't have any children yet, I am thankful for yours... ;-)