October 26, 2006

Six Janes for Christmas

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone, whether in possession of a great fortune or not, is in need of an attractive set of Jane Austen's novels. So it's quite felicitous that Oxford University Press has included the beautiful Oxford Illustrated 6 volume set of Jane Austen's novels in their annual fall sale. These are regularly priced at $150, but they have them on sale for... are you sitting down?...


Hello? Six Oxford hardbacks with dustjackets for $40. And these have the original, classic illustrations from the first editions.* We have this set, purchased during an earlier sale, and they are quite fine.

Sale ends November 1st, so tarry not, gentle readers. Surely someone you know needs a set?

*I edited this out, because I looked at our set again and realized I had confused our Oxfords with other JA copies stashed around our house (umm, it's a little embarrassing how many Janes we have amassed over the years, here and there). At any rate, the Oxfords do not have those illustrations, but they are quite lovely as is... and at the price are cheaper than the paperback editions at B&N.


Firefly said...

Shhh!! I know what I just got myself for Christmas! ;) Thanks for the tip.

Dani said...

thank you for the wonderful knowledge, I have quite worn out my paperbacks.

rachel tsunami said...

I got this set last year in this same sale, and they are, indeed, lovely....and a HUGE bargain.

Mama Squirrel said...

You have seen these then http://tinyurl.com/ye8mdm , haven't you?

Di said...

These books are the perfect size for reading in bed. I just spent a sick weekend re-reading Sense and Sensibility...it made the sick hours fly by as I tried to behave like Elinor and not like Marianne (-:

Nice to find your blog.