September 30, 2006


Twenty years ago this very evening, Great Scot showed up at my door unexpectedly and asked me if I would marry him. I suppose the title of this post is not exactly an accurate representation of my initial response, but then, it was a Tuesday, as veteran Beehive readers will surely recall.

Love you, Great Scot. (awwwww)


HHomeboy said...

So you were the victem of a premeditated, yet presumeably random proposal?

What exactly was his tecnique? I could use some pointers. Does he offer corrispondance courses?

Blogger profile name said...

What a great story - all of it! I hate that I've never gotten to spend much time with Dan and get to know him better. Did you know your daddy will be here for our annual meeting this month? I can't wait! I'm at home this morning with Lily; she started vomiting last night (she caught it from Felicity, who is fine now but stayed sick for FOUR DAYS this week). I hope this time is much shorter.

gabbie said...

how amazingly sweet.
it seemed more impromptu to me (the proposal), rather than premeditated.
i mean, flipping a penny the same day of the proposal...sounds pretty unexpected.
i love reading proposal stories. and this one was lovely.

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band said...

I think it sounds like he couldn't wait to marry the woman he loved, which is a good thought. You people are cool!

Great Scot said...

Sgt. Pepper, you have it pretty much correct there. I knew I was going to ask her, and, you know, there is no time like the present!

I am still delighted that I asked, although her response could have been a tad more prompt.