September 5, 2006

What Fa Did On Her Summer Vacation

A beautiful summer has wound to an end, bringing a summer-to-fall transition that is slightly more wistful than usual. I'm a senior this year, and everything is tinged with the faint bittersweet flavor of a last time.

But enough of that. Things Change. Life Happens. And we're glad.

I think I have inherited Queenie's knack for good intentions. I made a list at the beginning of this summer of everything I was going to do while I had so much free time. It was admirable. I was going to read Mansfield Park aloud to Claire, fix my handwriting, practice piano lots, read a stack of books rivaling the Sears Tower in vertical splendor, do vocal exercises, clean under my bed, etc etc etc.


So, you ask, if I didn't do that, just what did I do this summer? The answer is that I'm not exactly sure myself. But as best as I can recall:

-had mono/pleurisy for four weeks, which involved bedrest, lots of movies, a little boredom, some sweet cards and emails, a trip to the ER, and some really nasty green vitamin junk taken by the tablespoon.

-got in the habit of drinking lots of water (one of the few things mono is good for).

-went to two really spiffy singing schools.

-which gave me the Incredible Amazing Hyper Super Mega Month Long Sore Throat (there went the vocal exercises and reading aloud).

-went to a really spiffy church meeting.

-was blessed to see God's providence working right before my eyes.

-only stayed up past 2 AM a very moderate number of times.

-spent time with a lot of people I love, which made me even more aware of how much I love them. Which is alot.

-bought several pair of Really Sweet Shoes.

-started driver's ed for the 3rd time (hopefully this effort will be more than an effort).

-bought some books.

-read some books (not the ones I intended to read, naturally).

-among them a 1065 page book: Bleak House by Charles Dickens (it was worth it).

--got over my fear of traveling by airplane alone by doing just that and not missing my flight or getting lost or winding up in alaska or even losing my boarding pass or anything!

-vanquished the SAT, thereby freeing myself of the bondage of all such odious time-wasting standardized tests forever. yah.

-came up with some Really Good Intentions for fall.

-fell in love.

-fell even more in love.

-fell even more in love than that.

...and that's about all.


Believe me, it was plenty.


Lynn Bruce said...

oh yeah, it was.


gabbie said...

that's wonderful.


Nomos said...

Sort of got a little mushy there toward the end, but it's all good.

Kudos to good intentions!

Nardo said...

awwww. I like the last part the best.

fa-so-la-la said...

So do I.

HandmaidenforHim said...

You poor thing! I didn't realize you had both mono and pleurisy! I'm glad your better. Oh, I also can sympathize about the SAT. I have announced to my family that I am never touching that thing again if at all possible!

LaceyP said...

oh my! who couldn't like the last part?! *sigh*...

Androphenese said...

i was about to say something mean, but i decided to not say it. we can all be happy again!

Lynn Bruce said...

umm. ludwig, i'm thinking you need another banana split about now.

Cimmanim said...

::sighs:: indeed who couldn't love the last part?

i was thinkin' something mean, too, i confess. only not actually mean...more mischievous than anything really...

aunt lynn? not to be disrespectful, but is the banana split to reward him for being good? or is it to bribe him from being bad in the future? :)

LaceyP said...

I don't think any amount of banana splits would bribe him from being bad! Riiight! Whatever...