September 1, 2006

and the winner is...

The Kamman book wins yet another award:
The Beehive Blondies' Coolest Cookbook Award.

Though I had anticipated Fa and Beatrice would choose different books, they both chose this one, and independently of one other at that. Since I want them to have their own copies to scribble in and to keep, and since this hefty volume is 40 smackers retail, I'm very happy to have discovered that has a few copies for $14. (But not for long now, I bet!)

Both girls also asked to dabble a bit on the side in their respective first runner-up books. For Beatrice, it was Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, which she could not bring herself to put back on the shelf, and I can't blame her -- the book is a wonder. And Fa could not entirely resist the charms of la dame Julia, so she'll be taking the occasional foray into The Way To Cook.

Now, this pleases me for many reasons, not the least of which is that, as any right-thinking academician would agree, it clearly justifies the purchase of the newly released DVDs of Julia's vintage, classic PBS French Chef shows from the 70's. Sure it does. I mean, this is for school. One cannot merely read Julia and cook with Julia if one cannot accurately hear and envision Julia perfectly in one's head! Indeed not!! I mean, this is JULIA we're talking about here!!! One will neeeeeeed those DVDs, riiiiight??

::takes a deep breath; puts down the wooden spoon::

Seriously, it's... well, it's a vital matter of education philosophy principles. The Science of Relations, The Making of Connections, all such as that. It's sound education theory put into practice, y'see. You could look it up.


Note to self: Start exercising more, immediately.

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This is making me think of those great old Julia Child Saturday Night Live skits! I'm going to have to check out that sale cookbook...