August 11, 2006

I Like Boats

by Spuddy Buddy

I just read this book and I really enjoyed it. I would love to go fishing on a boat with a net behind it, but I never have. I have gone on a cruise down the Thames River in London, though! And I've also driven John Blevins' big motor boat! I rode in Maggie's new rowboat, too.

I would also like to go to a race with speed boats. I found out last night that one of the biggest speedboats, the Pachanga 27, has a bed, two seats, and a kitchen inside the hull! I think I'd also like to water ski someday (especially if the boat had a kitchen!).


gabbie said...

Oh, my. You and my brothers would get along soooo well.


Cal-el of Krypton said...

Buddy, if you ever decide to sail around the world.... I'll want to go with you and be your first mate!!

rachel tsunami said...

S.B., I've been water skiing many times (when I was a lot younger), but never behind a boat with a kitchen. I can imagine that would definitely enhance the experience.

LaceyP said...

whoa! if you get a boat with a kitchen, please bring it to Mississippi...I'm not so sure I could ski behind it, but I would give it a try! :)

Lok said...

Oooh! How about a homemade boat? I have to brag on my brother:
No skiing behind this, but it is still pretty high on the cool factor. This was created in Robert's garage!