July 27, 2006

sitting on the porch with Davis

q. shenaynay

me, to Davis, who is 5: Who do you think you look like?

Davis: I look like Davis.

(I put my huge sunglasses on him.)

me: Now you look like me.

Davis: Yeah, except for only one thing.

me: what's that?

Davis: You don't have a cookie.


Davis: I think we should have a secret.

me: Okay, if you think so.

Davis: Let me think of one. You can't tell, remember that.

(is blogging the same thing as telling? hmmm.)

Davis: Okay, ready: Dan likes to sit by Caitlin.

me: Wow. You think so?

Davis: Shhhhhhhh.

me: That's a pretty good secret, Big D.

Davis: Well... (big dramatic sigh) I'm glad we don't have to have any more secrets. They're too hard to keep up with.


Davis: So how old are you?

me: How old do you think I am?

Davis: Umm, I'd guess 16.

me: But Davis, Caitlin is 17, so I don't think that works.

Davis: (dead serious) Well... in that case... I'm guessing you're probably one hundred and eighty.


Mama Squirrel said...

I like the way kids think.

The Squirrels were looking at a potential new treehouse recently, and Crayons (5) noticed a TV in the master bedroom. She said, "This must be a room for girls, because moms and dads don't watch TV."

rachel tsunami said...

Davis's Aunt Rachel says: No Comment Seems Possible.

Cimmanim said...

::falls on floor laughing:: that sounds like something i said when i was that age!!!!!!!

Nomos said...

Good stuff. That Davis sure is a character...

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band said...

cool beans, davissimo is the man.

LaceyP said...

oh.how.cute! gotta love Davis!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing that...it totally made my day.