March 1, 2006

So I was feeling a little silly this morning during composition...


An Ode to March, Occasioned by the Sight of my New Flip-flops, and Composed Whilst Sitting in the Red Chair by the Window, after a Repast of Cold Ovaltine

Oh! Season of mists and mellow frui--
(Wait! Wait! Wrong season. ahem. Sorry. Here we go--)
Bright star, would I were steadfa--
(Oh botheration! That's not it either... do, do excuse me...)
Thou foster-child of silence and slo--
(Confound it all! That was about a hunk of pottery! Oh drats.
I give up. March will just have to go ode itself. So there.)


Androphenese said...

AMEN. you were indeed feeling silly this morning.

Becca said...

oh, how i laughed. you do amuse me.

Anonymous said...

CEB, you are a silly girl...and quite funny.

Gracie said...

quite funny indeed. ;)

Gabius Monroeness said...

lol. I hope I get to see yall tomorrow at BC but I don't think we're going to get to come.