January 12, 2006

Someone Else

Dawn skates in across the neighbor's roof--
Slippery, slick with dew and 6 AM rain;
Grey light, damp light, sodden sidewalk.

Blankets trailing from shivering shoulders,
I lift the blinds. Suddenly, swiftly, I
Am Someone Else-- from a movie, perhaps

Or a book read long ago-- some grey heroine,
Still, silent in a grey window, waiting for--
--I can't remember anymore. It's been too long.

I can't remember my-- I mean, rather, her name, or even
What story we're in. We're stuck here. Immovable, unnamed.
But we do know that we are waiting. So we wait.


~e said...

wow caitlin, that's beautiful.
p.s. We're sending y'alls stuff in the mail. How about mine?

DrSmyth said...

how long are you going to make her wait!

rachel tsunami said...

I enjoy all your poetry, f-s-l-l, but I'm really entering in to this one---visually, well really, in every sensory way---all 6. That's a good one, girl. Way to Capture That Moment. Yeah.

Nomos said...

That really is one of your best poems, in my opinion. Very good use of imagery, words, etc. Bravo!